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Friday, May 11, 2018

More on McCain

I'm still so angry about this, I think because it's a perfect example of all the badness of Trump, his toadies, and the people who comprise his base. Day by day, the Trump administration does awful things which barely get reported on because we've grown so weary.

In recent days, for example, Trump has advocated cutting children's health care (Trump Adds ‘Cutting Children’s Health Care’ to GOP’s 2018 Platform), and he wants children to be taken away from their parents (Official Trump policy: Take refugee kids away from parents ), and he's planning to roll back environmental standards for cars (Trump’s Fuel Efficiency Rollbacks Will Hurt Drivers). I'm sure there's more badness that flew under my radar, but you get the idea.

This attack on McCain is a kind of an icon of all this stuff, of the moral and ethical poverty of this administration and the voters who released it upon us. We shouldn't forget it, especially when it comes time to vote.

PS - here's a photo from Wikipedia: McCain (front right) with his squadron and T-2 Buckeye trainer, in 1965 ...


Blogger Katherine Nielsen said...

I know, Trump seems to be trying to trump each day's awfulness with ever increasing awfulness. I was disgusted, but not surprised, by the McCain incident. I was surprised about the stated policy of separating refugee parents from their children. That seems like a terroristic threat to me.Some people say it's okay because it's effective. We no longer have any moral high ground to stand on as a nation.

9:16 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Katherine. Yes, one report I saw said that many of these children who were taken away from their parents by the government are now lost ... ... "The Government Has Lost Track of Nearly 1,500 Undocumented Kids in Foster Care"

10:15 AM  

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