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Saturday, May 05, 2018

Republicans and their leaders

I've been a Democrat my whole voting life and I've had bad opinion of Republicans and the GOP since I was a teen. That has never changed, but this recent election cycle has made me realize that I truly had no idea how obscene the Republican party really is.

The narrative of the GOP as the guardian of religious morality and of conservatism in its original form is a false one. Now that they have a president who is a liar, a cheater, a crook, and a loathsome human being ... and now that their elected representatives openly work to screw the poor for the benefit of their wealthy donors ... they simply shrug.

Republicans point to the one thing that, for them, makes anything worth while .... the economy. The most important thing in the whole world, more important even that the state of the planet they're leaving for their children, is the fact that they will have more money. That's it - getting more for themselves. And it doesn't matter how that happens as long as it does.


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