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Sunday, June 17, 2018

A bridge too far? Maybe.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Trump admin discussed separating moms, kids to deter asylum-seekers in Feb. 2017

UPDATE 6/18: Today both Trump and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen commented on their policy of separating children from their parents. Trump, as usual, lied, blaming Democrats. Nielsen took the Nazi route, saying in essence that she was following orders: *"We do not have the luxury of pretending that all individuals coming to this country as a family unit are, in fact, a family. We have to do our job. We will not apologize for doing our job," Nielsen said. "We have sworn to do this job. This administration has a simple message. If you cross the border illegally, we will prosecute you."* ... (Defiant Trump refuses to back off migrant family separations)

This may be it - ripping children from their mother's arms may be the bridge too far for some Republican lawmakers and religious leaders (Leading Republicans Join Democrats in Pushing Trump to Halt Family Separations. The question is, will they make Trump stop this or will they wimp out? Meanwhile, most Republican voters actually like the idea (Poll: Republicans Approve of Trump’s Family Separation Policy).

Trump and most of his minions are still lying about the policy, trying to blame it on the Democrats, but Steve Bannon admits it's a Trump policy and even defends it ...

Few issues have brought to light how dismissive of core human values Trump and most Republicans are. There really is nothing they care about beyond getting more for themselves.


Blogger Katherine Nielsen said...

Sorry, couldn't make it through 10 minutes of listening to Bannon. Two minutes was plenty. If there's any good to come from an evil situation, it's that this might be the point at which the Trump administration jumped the shark. Hopefully they have reached the limits of even their own party's tolerance.

12:17 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Katherine. Yeah, I hope that's the case. I have a sinking feeling, though, that the majority of Republican lawmakers will continue to be the spineless suck-ups they have been thus far.

12:25 PM  

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