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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The latest on Yoda the kitten

It's been about two weeks since Yoda's last vet visit. At that time, they said she has a deflated lung, though they don't know why - she doesn't have an infection after all. They decided they could take her to adopt out as soon as all her tests came back as ok. The test results were good, but now the vet people have decided they can't take her to adopt out until another of the kittens they already have has been adopted out first.

I'm beginning to believe they won't ever take her and that I am now the single parent of a nutty little 8 week old indoor kitten who has no other living companion but me ..... eeeeeeeeeeee! Not sure how I can take care of another cat (#16), pay for food, vet bills, etc., plus just the emotional investment for the next almost 20 years.

Oh well, she is awfully cute :) ...


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