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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is Vatican II enough?

Catholics are excited to see that Francis has said Vatican II was “beautiful work of the Holy Spirit” but some “wish to turn the clock back”. I'm happy about this too, but it's a sad commentary on the last couple of papacies that the present Pope's endorsement of a Council of fifty years ago is met with such joy. Some have said that all the reform the church needs is a fulfillment of the promise of the Second Vatican Council. I wish I could agree - yes, V2 made great strides, but a lot of topics were not addressed at all (clerical celibacy, women's ordination, sex abuse) or were taken out of its hands by the pope (birth control). Those and other important issues are not just going to go away because we finally have a pope who isn't trying to rewrite history.


Blogger Victor said...

(((I'm happy about this too, but it's a sad commentary on the last couple of papacies that the present Pope's endorsement of a Council of fifty years ago is met with such joy.)))

We gods are glad that you're finally ignoring this little "ONE" per sent age of that "ONE" per sent age soul and so called "Jesus" retardo cell that V2 keeps trying to, him he take, "I" mean immediate, no, no, "I" mean imetate. Whatever you do, don't YA go falling in luv, I mean love with that "Jesus" of his cause he really doesn't exist NOW?

Crystal, "IT" ain't funny anymore and "I" don't care if "IT" is his birthday NOW. "I" can't stand "IT" when some humans ask him how old he is and even worst, when he replies that he's 67 and nine month old while thinking that a fetus is really important NOW!

Look Crystal, if you help U>S (usual sinners) crucify this little retardo cell then we can share some of our "Transhuminis him" with YA NOW.

That's right! We believe that you're holding a few magical crystal cells that we gods could use and we'll gladly paid you handsomely, I mean beautifully if you just follow our instruction NOW.

Come on, we god can prove "IT" to you so what do you say we get married to a preacher that looks like Elvis first NOW?

Hey Crystal! You're the only "ONE" that he's holding on a thread these day and YA not doing much to discourage this little forgiveness cell of his, are YA NOW? :(

For the record, Stactivist and Friendly Dwight, I mean Father Dwight is not falling for this im pause her, "I" mean imposter V2 cells and they are doing something about "IT" NOW!

"I" can't get into "IT" here cause when we both become filthy rich, some of Victor's 98% bodily cells might also want to be like U>S and if this happens well, "YOU KNOW" this will only make this so called "Jesus" look real cause HIM and HIS FATHER want to share everything and that's just not fees haha Able, "I" mean fesable NOW!?

If you really want proff, just check with Victor's secratary who is going out with that so called spiritual jester if YA get our drift NOW?

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Hey sinner! How do ya know about that! Want me to tell YA what happened at The Holy Angels Church today NOW?


OK! Maybe next time sinner vic! :(

Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ NOW! :)


10:10 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor - thanks for the comment :)

8:08 PM  

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