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Friday, July 13, 2018

The new indictment

I'm sorry if it seems that all I write about is politics. It's just that I lived through the Watergate scandal and never believed that there would be a president who could be so much worse, much less such spineless and soulless Republican lawmakers and such a horrific pile of Republican voters supporting them. Every day of the Trump administration brings new damage, not just to the US but to the world, so I blog about it .... no one should let this stuff go by without registering it.

Today's example is Mueller's indictment of Russian government agents involved in hacking and distributing DNC and Clinton emails. The news was given to Trump days ago, but he still plans to meet with his good buddy Vlad in a play date that will contain no US observers. Some people excuse this by saying Trump's just naive but I am convinced that he was and is eyeball deep in the coordination with the Russian attack on our elections and that he remains Putin's lackey.


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